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St.Columba’s College – an Elite Private School

Today, after beginning to work closely with private schools here in Ireland, we decided to tell you about one that particularly impressed us, St.Columba’s College. A good while ago, when we wrote about education in Ireland, we asked you to pay attention to the fact that the title ‘college,’ can also refer to secondary schools.

St.Columba’s College is an elite private school found in Dublin. It was founded about 170 years ago and is currently under the patronage of the Church of Ireland. This school differs from other private schools in Ireland because it is run like a typical English private school and to this day, has very close ties with Radley College in Oxfordshire.

This school offers stunning views of Dublin’s north side, and in particular, the peninsula of Howth and Dublin Bay; this, in my opinion, only emphasizes the fact that this is an elite school. The actual school itself is situated in several buildings, some of which have survived since this school was first opened. The others were built during the next decade, as the school’s popularity grew.

St.Columba’s College

However, these newly built buildings fit into the architectural structure of the school so well that it feels as though the architects who first designed the school expected them to be built there from the start.

Now we will spend some time talking about life in St.Columba’s College. To give its students a better individual identity, this school not only provides them with the highest possible level of education, but it also tries to get the students involved in many other aspects of life. Also, to help its students get along better in a multi-cultural society; this school aims to have about 100 foreign students.

This school has a teacher-pupil ratio of about 7:1. This arrangement allows for individual classes to have fewer students. Also, students in this school, excluding the students that go to the day school, have the opportunity to do their homework with the aid of teachers.

St.Columba’s College

Another interesting thing about St.Columba’s College is that it has begun schooling students that are only 11 years old. This is unusual for a secondary school because in most secondary schools, the pupils are all aged 12 or over. Another interesting aspect of this school is that the students spend six days per week in school and once a month, they have a long weekend, (from mid-Friday to mid-Monday).

Parents from countries outside of Ireland who want their child to attend this school should take note of this because, in this case, the amount of work your child’s guardian has to do increases tenfold.

Yet another way in which this school differs from others is the way its students are housed. The thing is, this school tries to instil a feeling of community and mutual respect in its students, and to achieve this goal, it makes sure that the students living in the boarding school are house as closely as possible.

For example, the Leaving Certificate students at the King’s Hospital School usually live in pairs and in comfortable rooms, but the Leaving Certificate students in St.Columba’s College usually live in a room with a good few other people.

St.Columba’s College

When we talk about elite education in Ireland we shouldn’t be surprised about little peculiarities when it comes to how the schools are run. After all, this whole system of schooling has been around for centuries and has been proven to work, not only in Ireland but also in the U.K.

Also, this school has everything a child would need to study music, art, drama and of course, sports. This school not only has a great gym but also a large and modern swimming pool. However, this swimming pool only functions in the summer, as it is situated outdoors.

In conclusion, if you can pay €22,000 per year for your child’s education, this school is the perfect choice! If you want to get a better picture of St.Columba’s College then visit our photo gallery, where you can see pictures of all of the things we mentioned above.

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