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Living in Ireland

The Residence of the Irish President is open to visitors!

I think almost everybody wishes to visit a royal or presidential Palace. It is of course better to be officially invited, like for instance which my wife managed. Or for instance to just have the ability to access the Presidential Residence. We found out that in Ireland, this opportunity is given to everybody, every Saturday, excluding those Saturdays when the Presidential Residence is being used.

The Gate of the Residence of the Irish President

One Saturday we decided to see the place of official visits and workplace of the President of Ireland Mary McAleese. As you already know the Presidential Residence is located in Phoenix Park, the largest park in Europe.

It’s free to get tickets for visiting the Residence of the President of Ireland and can be obtained in the Visitor Centre of Phoenix Park, which is located near Ashtown Castle and Victorian Garden. After getting the ticket all that’s left to do is wait for the minibus that will take you to the Presidents Palace.

The front of the Residence of the Irish President

Now we will tell you our opinion about the President of Irelands Residence. The first thing that stands out is the modesty and democracy of the residence and surrounding area. We were amazed because the small field behind the palace harbour cows and oxen. In fact the entire XVIII century building looked modest. But that is just our opinion because the Residence of the Irish President has 92 rooms. You see, before the declaration of Irish Independence this was the Residence of the British Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

For visitors like ourselves, the Presidential Residence opens its doors only to the first floor, where there are rooms for important visitors, business talks and a study. The hall that has the busts of early Irish presidents was also very interesting. And I was also impressed by the garage which held a 1947 Rolls-Royce with presidential attributes.

The Back Garden of the Residence of the Irish President

During its life time many famous people visited the Residence of the President of Ireland. British queens Victoria and Elizabeth II, King George V, American presidents John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and even Pope John Paul II were here. As a rule, important visitors don’t stop at the Presidential Residence. They either get a five star hotel, like Ashford Castle or go to the mansion of Farmleigh, which really amazed us and which we will talk in one of our posts.

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