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Kings Hospital School in Dublin

When we talked about private schools in Ireland we promised to tell you about one of the best private schools in Dublin – The King’s Hospital. This school educates both boys and girls, and is governed by the Church of Ireland.

When helping our clients with enrolling their child (or children) into a private school, we constantly came into contact with this school and the staff showed us everything in detail and told us everything we needed to know, and of course we had the opportunity to photograph everything we needed to. You can see all of these photographs in the photo gallery attached to this post.

Firstly we will tell you about our initial impressions of this school. In short, we were pleasantly surprised by what we saw. The only school that managed to impress us more was Trinity College Dublin.

Judge it for yourselves. Kings Hospital Private School was founded in 1699 and although a few decades ago the school moved away from Dublin and into a fairly quiet region, you can still feel the age old traditions that started in the school when it was first built.

Kings Hospital School

Now we will talk a bit about the actual school itself. Its current location along with the territories of the school couldn’t possibly make it look more elite. Just imagine. The school is situated on an area of over 32 hectors! This whole area is beautifully maintained and has everything that the students might need; these things help the students to not only get the highest possible standard of education but also to develop both physically and mentally.

Almost all of the people that graduate from this school have the opportunity to enter the most prestigious universities not only in Europe but also in America. Only around 3 – 4% of the graduates from this school do not go into a university straight away, and even then this is due to family issues.

The reason such a high percentage of the students go to universities is because of the high level of education given to them by the school. It’s enough to just look at how the classes are equipped with modern equipment and how the process of education happens in this school to understand why this school is so good at its job.

Kings Hospital School

For example, here the students have the opportunity not only to be taught different subjects by the best teachers, but also to use their love of science as an extracurricular activity in school.

A science week is held annually at Kings Hospital private school, where they pick the best students to go to a technological institute in Dublin and to participate in scientific competitions. Usually, students from this school return from there with many well-deserved awards.

A great feature of this school is that students who aren’t fascinated by science can also find ways to express themselves. There are always opportunities for students attending this school to express themselves in whatever way they want.

If a student likes theatre well then, they will be glad to know that that the school not only has an acting club, but also a full sized theatre with a stage, curtains and even a professional sound recording studio. Musical groups and talented vocal performers from the school also perform on this stage.

Kings Hospital School

It’s not surprising that the well-known twin duo, Jedward, who represented Ireland twice in the Eurovision competitions, studied at this school. The high performance level of these students is due to the quality of musical education in this school and because of the 21 great music teachers currently working there.

In this school, there are excellent teachers who do various artistic workshops, for example, a workshop about working with clay.

And for sports fans, this school can be considered a heaven. Just imagine, students from this school have a choice to do 28 different sports!

We will continue our post on Kings Hospital private school, in our next post...

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