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Living in Ireland

Ireland – The Emerald Isle with a Rich History

This post is for those who our on our blog for the first time, or for those, who are interested in Ireland and decided to find out what this country has to offer. Firstly we would like to note that everything in this post is our opinion on life in Ireland. But we think that there will be hundreds of people that will agree with our thoughts on Ireland. And maybe some of those people will leave a comment with their opinions on Ireland.

The reason why I thought of making a post on this subject is because we visited a sacred place called Glendalough, located in Wicklow National Park. Even though it wasn’t our first trip to Glendalough, somehow we realised that Ireland is surrounded by strong energy only on our last trip. And this energy is seeping out of its historic and religious sites.

Glendalough in Wicklow National Park

There aren’t many countries in the world that on such a small piece of land, there are so much physical ruins and artefacts connected to the ancestors of those living in the country today. Some time ago places like the Hill of Tara and other early Christian monasteries not only replaced Irish villages and towns but served as spiritual preachers to all its inhabitants.

And if we count the population of Druids and ancient Celtics that were preserved in the form of a legend, then you can imagine, what kind of spiritual influence Ireland received. And that isn’t counting the monuments of the Neolithic age Newgrange and Knowth, which to this day remain a mystery, but it is thought by most scientists that they are dolmens. This means that they are places where energy is transformed.


All these facts along with the facts of Irelands hard past shaped the creation of the nation that is respected by the whole world. And that isn’t just because lots of American presidents had Irish roots. It’s also not just because Ireland is the birthplace of many famous writers and poets, for example Jonathan Swift, Bernard Shaw, William Yeats, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde etc... But we think the answer lies with the general humbleness, likeableness and friendliness of Irish people.

You can spend ages discussing this subject but the fact that you can usually agree on is that if Ireland wasn’t a very beautiful country it would only be visited by pilgrims. Ireland is located close to the European continent and at the same time is a European country in itself. But strangely it is quite different from most European countries, probably just with the exception of Scotland.

County Louth in Ireland

Ireland’s first noticeable difference is its climate, which usually wasn’t too hot in the Summer and not too cold in the Winter. Some tourists from especially hot countries sometimes even travel to Ireland so they can ‘cool off’ for the Sumer.

There are also a large number of sites in Ireland, the most amazing of which are almost always the ones created by nature. It doesn’t matter what part of the island you are in to find these sites. It doesn’t matter if you chose to visit the Ireland’s Eastern cliff less shores or decide to view the Atlantic Ocean from the Cliffs of Moher. The result will remain the same. You will be awed by the magnificence of nature ether way.

irish sea

Even with the absence of views of the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the central part of Ireland, with its lakes and rivers, on which you can venture by using a rented yacht or fishing boat will not leave you feeling left out.

Add to this the views of from the six national parks of Ireland, where despite the large amount of visitors they have been preserved so well that it looks as if it has never been touched. So far in our blog we have only described Wicklow National Park, but it is possible to understand the unusualness of Irish nature just from the one description.

And the towns?! Even in the capital of Ireland, Dublin, home to a quarter of Ireland’s population there is place called Phoenix Park where you can find wild deer and swans caring for their young. From this you can probably imagine what kind of places lie beyond Dublin.

Cahir Castle

Even Dublin itself, with its nice and slow pace, a kind of humble feeling along with its confidence and liveliness will made it feel to you like home even if you don’t visit any of the famous pubs.

A great example of the humbleness of Dublin is the Residence of the Irish President, where on the field in the front garden you can find cows peacefully grazing under the sun.

Swan in the Phoenix Park

And what about Irish castles?! You can find them to suite any taste, depending on what you are looking for. There are castles that you can visit, like Malahide Castle or Cahir Castle but also castle-hotels where you can stay. If you have the desire and opportunity to rent a castle for a period of time, for example, for a wedding you can. Paul McCartney rented Lesley Castle in Monahan for his wedding.

There is no point in talking about the other monuments of Ireland. We will make another post for that. And with that we end our short story about life in Ireland and get ready to find out about some other aspects of living in Ireland in our next posts.

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