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Living in Ireland

Friendly Ireland

Seven years ago, a strong wind of change blew our family to the emerald-like Irish island. Now, in the nine year of our residence in Ireland, we still cannot help admiring the friendly country and discovering ever new and remarkable sides of life. And we decided to share with our readers the experience gathered and discoveries made.

wellcome to ireland

First of all we wish to stretch the character of the Irish. We have had contact with people of different nationalities but in our view the Irish are the most friendly and amicable of all those we used to meet. One of the Irish the travel Journalist Paul Theroux once wrote about Irish:”I cannot remember so quickly hospitable or easier to meet.”

In the bus the Irish very often engage in conversation with a fellow traveler, and it is not important whatsoever that they meet him for the first time. If you ask them how to get to a certain place they’ll not fail to explain and show you the way. And, in addition, will offer help if they see you are at a loss.

wellcome to dublin

When we just moved to our house and I was unpacking things I suddenly heard somebody knocking at the door. Imagine my surprise when I saw a woman who welcomed me and handed me a small pot of flowers. She turned out to be our neighbor.

One late rainy evening on our way home we went awry. My husband stopped for the lights and asked the driver of the car standing in front of us about the street we should take to get home. The driver, a woman, immediately suggested we should follow her. Several times when we had to stop for the green light she left her car and approached us to ask how we are. In the end, she brought us to our street and bid us friendly good-speed.

And we can show many other examples of their kindness but let us leave them for the next chance to meet you.

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