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Sir Arthur Guinness Lord Ardilaun. Part 2

Part 1 about Sir Arthur Guinness Lord Ardilaun started in our last post.

Now I guess it became understandable why the St. Ann’s park is so beautiful. In the estate there was also the house of Sir Arthur Guinness, which was completely destroyed by fire in the beginning of the 20th century. At present on the place of the house there left a part of a wall with a tower and clock, as well as yard garden with a greenhouse. By the way, the greenhouse is open only for two hours a day, before noontime.

the part of sir arthur guinness' house

At the boundary of the estate of St. Ann’s, Sir Arthur Guinness, being a protestant, decided to build a new protestant church, providing for this purpose 9000£. The church was called All Saints’ Church and Sir Arthur Guinness himself was a member of the Select Vestry of the Church until the very last day.

After himself, Sir Arthur Guinness left to us memory of his good deeds for people of Ireland. For example, he sponsored restoration of the oldest library of Ireland; Marsh’s Library, addition to the Coombe Women’s Hospital, re-designed and opened to public the St. Stephan’s Green Park.

all saint church

During 21 years, Sir Arthur Guinness was the President of the Royal Dublin Society, the organization created for the purpose of promoting new ideas in science, agriculture, art and industry. In 1874, Sir Arthur Guinness became a member of the Ireland Parliament and a lord, the first from the Guinness family, who was granted the title of lord from the Government of Ireland.

Sir Arthur Guinness passed away in 1915 and was buried with his wife, Olivia, in the All Saints’ Church, build, as you remember, for his money. Now the parishioners All Saint’s Church kindly remember Sir Arthur Guinness, keep the church in good conditions, including small and large maintenance. Sometimes it is not easy. For example, now to rebuild the churches roof they need together 250,000 Euro.

all saint church

Being the church of All Saints’ parishioners, we can tell in details about this church, if of course, you are interested in. For example, Bono, the famous vocalist of the rock group U2, had a wedding ceremony in this Church.

Even the current Irish President Mary McAleese came here.

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